How to Cover Patio Columns

Posted on: August 29, 2016 by in Uncategorized
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How to cover up your old, dated patio columns can be a challenge if you aren’t able to think outside the box. If your into the industrial rustic look, this project might just be the solution your looking for. We recently were asked by a customer in Huntington Beach, California if we could find a way to cover their dated 1970’s painted scroll patio columns. Our client wanted to match the style of the custom rustic furniture that we built but they also wanted it to tie into the metal patio cover.

We decided to combine the rustic look of reclaimed lumber with the industrial look of corrugated tin roofing. With the right blade on a skill saw, we cut three panels of corrugated tin and wrapped their columns. We attached it with self tapping sheet metal screws and framed it out with 2×4 framing lumber stained with a rustic finish. This was a fun project that only cost about $60 in materials and a half day of sweat.